This website

is not intended for those who believe in the literal truth of scripture. It is for critical thinkers who are curious about what kinds of real-life experiences might be behind the stories of the Hebrew Bible. 

Here you will find the fruit of  years of archaeological, historical, textual and climatological research that I’ve been doing for a trilogy telling the Exodus story from the point of view of non-Biblical characters. The first dozen or so posts on this blog organize my research for the first few drafts of the book, while the more recent items catalogue ongoing inquiries as I continue writing and revising.

The early posts are organized in two ways. One is by where the events being examined took place  (“Blog Posts by Location” in the top navigation menu):

  1. Goshen,” which refers to the Land of Goshen, where the Israelites settled in Egypt, including posts about the Ten Plagues and the store-cities Pithom and Rameses;
  2. Mid’bar,” often translated as “desert” or “wilderness”, which the tribes and clans of Israel traversed while escaping Pharaohfeaturing the Crossing of the Red Sea; and
  3. Sina’i,” the Mountain of God that is also called Horeb in the Hebrew Bible, with posts about the origins of the Ten Commandments.

These are also the titles of the three novels I am still in the process of writing.

I’ve also done a fully-narrated Google Earth “flyover” of the route of the Exodus, available on the homepage of this blog, and put the narration script on it as well. An introductory post is on the homepage and is also with the Chronological posts, but not in the Location posts. 

The other mode of organization is in reverse chronological order of when each article was posted (“Blog Posts by Date” in the navigation menu), and includes shorter articles that can also be found on Substack and Medium. All of my posts are free of cost, regardless of platform. 

I am

a writer, teacher and mom living outside of Cleveland, Ohio. I was a Jewish educator for several years at a Reform temple, where I used an approach called “philosophical inquiry” to facilitate discussion and deeper insights into biblical texts with children and adults. Born and raised in New York City, I am a graduate of The High School of Performing Arts (of Fame fame), Bennington College, and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. I lived in Germany for almost 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, working for Deutsche Welle TV as a translator, producer and voice talent, and for The Hollywood Reporter as the chief German correspondent. I currently teach at Shaker Heights High School .

The Land of Goshen, where the Israelites settled in Egypt. Posts include those about the Ten Plagues and the store-cities Pithom and Rameses.

Often translated as “desert” or “wilderness.” The Israelites  traversed the Midbar while escaping Pharaoh, crossing the Red Sea.